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I am a Senior Lecturer (equivalent to Associate Professor) in the Department of Sociology at Tel-Aviv University. I completed my PhD in Sociology at Princeton University and a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University's Weatherhead Center. My research focuses on citizenship, national identity, international migration and elites.

My first book, Citizenship 2.0: Dual Nationality as a Global Asset (Princeton University Press), came out in 2019. The book analyzes and compares the dynamics of dual citizenship in three cases: EU citizenship in Israel, Hungarian citizenship in Serbia and U.S. dual nationality in Mexico. The book argues that the growing acceptance of dual citizenship changes the meaning of citizenship, allowing individuals to treat it as an instrumental asset rather than a binding declaration of national identity. The book sheds light on the global trend of strategic citizenship, and explores its implications for ethnic and national identities, immigration and inequality. 


I am interested in the interface between membership, identity and inequality. Some of the questions I engaged with include: What drives millionaires to seek expensive investor visas? What are the status implications of the global hierarchy of passports? How do national minorities deal with being misrecognized with traveling internationally? What conditions drive individuals to emigrate? 

Another topic of interest concerns the social mechanisms that produce cohesion and cooperation. As part of this line of inquiry, I study the community factors associated with tax avoidance, and the cohesive effect of national rituals and ceremonies. 

Latest publications:

"Antisocial Capital: Community Cohesion and Tax Avoidance among American Elites". Socius (with Doron Shiffer-Sebba)

"One foot on shore: An analysis of global millionaires' demand for U.S. investor visas". British Journal of Sociology

“Crossing Borders, Choosing Identity: Strategic Self-Presentation among Palestinian-Israelis When Traveling Abroad” (with Ikhlas Nassar). Ethnic and Racial Studies


“Conspicuous Mobility: The Status Dimensions of the Global Passport Hierarchy. Annals of the American Academy for Political and Social Science  

"Visa Openness and Travel Freedom: A Cross-Country Analysis". Henley Global Mobility Report (essay)

"Democratic Decline Drives Millionaire Migration". Henley Global Mobility Report (essay)

Photo by Henrique Pacini
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