Ongoing Research 

My current research deals with two broad questions. 

(1) What is the role of rituals, ceremonies and symbols in instilling national identity?

(2) How does citizenship operate as a system of global inequality and how does it intersect with economic inequality?


Below are some of the projects I am currently working on.

(c) Yossi Harpaz

Analyzing the Effect of Naturalization Ceremonies 

Over the past two decades, numerous European countries instituted new ceremonies and loyalty oaths for immigrants who wish to become citizens. In adopting such policies, they are following the lead of the United States, Canada and Australia, which have had such ceremonies for decades. The project will seek to explain the new drive towards the ritualization of citizenship in Europe, as well as examine the effectiveness of such ceremonies in the United States. It will use a range of methods to evaluate the effect of naturalization ceremonies and oaths. Are such ceremonies effective in instilling identities and enhancing cohesion, or are they  mainly a political ritual that is addressed at the native population?

The Effect of Israel's Remembrance Day Siren 

Exploring the Connection between Citizenship, Wealth and Mobility 

Israel's Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers, a key national holiday, is marked by a unique ritual: a siren is sounded across the nation, and millions stand at attention and observe a moment of silence. The project uses quasi-experimental methods to identify the effect of participation in this ritual on Israelis' attitudes toward the nation and toward domestic minorities, including Haredi Jews and Arab-Israelis. 



Citizenship is becoming increasingly commodified. As wealth in developing countries grows, increasing numbers of people are converting some of their money into visas or citizenship that ensure access to Western countries. This project analyzes administrative statistics to identify the factors that drive demand for investment-based visas and citizenship and other forms of migration.